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It is, its right here! 

Jerry will be taking questions again, so far I have two more in the pipe.

Comiccommentor I think I saw one in the comments,

What does Jerry think about the rumors that Bubsy might be in the new Sonic Forces game?

If you want that to be your question, I will have the red fur-ball answer (though Sonic Forces came out awhile ago).  Feel free to change it, and you know what? Throw in another one, and you will get a two-for-one if possible, if not back to back strips. 🙂

As of future note, please direct any and all questions at my Twitters and I will get to them as they come.

I only ask that you do not throw me softballs, like Trump, and if its Video Game Related Mortimor will answer instead of Jerry, mostly because Jerry does not play the games. :V

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I am sorry that I have been virtually dead as of late (almost a year in fact, wow). And I mean virtually, not wholly dead yet, working on that apparently through unhealthy soda guzzling, obesity and the like, but still, I’ve been either lost in video games, project hell or watching the collapse of the Country I live in happening in slow motion and real time.

Had Windows 10 (don’t worry, I got better), and outside of banging my head against the wall, I’ve been skipping along with this job I have which gives me no real time to write (found almost 100 errors on something I already passed to Vger to read; only to find about 130 more. Yay! :V )

Showed off my comic to someone who laughed hard for awhile, read some of them myself. I miss doing them, even got scripts written around in here somewhere. Wrote one on a napkin! Lost that, but I remember most of it. I think.


Long and short of it people, I will be attempting to finish Projects on top of and rekindle my love affair with doing the comics. Fully colored mind you, won’t be too lazy. Will piece one together at least once or twice a week, upload it around Wednesday mornings my time, which is on the Western Seaboard, north of that one state that is always on fire.


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*Insert Game of Thrones Music here.*

There; mandatory Game of Thrones Reference Done. :V

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I’m developing a fairly consistent schedule.


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It’s back, properly this time in that I am finishing this storyline I started god knows how long ago and it will be good and you will all like it and everyone will be happy frolicking in the fields with all the wild animals…

I think I got a little of track, have today’s comic!


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Have a half-arsed update!


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Hey, that random, no descript Sonic Character is back, still looking for love apparently;



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Someone asked what sort of Dad I modeled Jerry to be.

My reply?  The Best Kind.

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