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As many of you aware, The Sonic Stadium recently finished a massive community project in the form of a music album, which they used to close out the SSR feed before it went down for maintenance.

Thanks to the lovely Dreadknux and TSS staff, I have had a copy of the album for perusal and I thought I’d do a personal review of the album for EC.

The album itself boasts 45 tracks of which some are original as well as remixes of songs throughout the “generations” as it were of Sonic’s history. We’re talking about games that span throughout the “Classic” era on the Mega Drive/Genesis to the “Dreamcast” era to the “Modern” era, as well as take useage from some handheld titles and throwing a bit of a Generation-esque spin on some titles, like the track below from FreenInGreen:

For an album that comprises over 4 discs worth of music, it’s a spectacular piece of work, and an amazing piece of community interaction.

That’s not to say it’s all gold though. While it is ALOT of music provided by the community, there are some low points within the album, things that just don’t seem right. But I think it’s fair to say that the good on the album far outweighs the bad, and don’t get me wrong, there is ALOT of good on this 4 discs worth of awesome. Like the track below from Plumegeist:

For the nostalgia fan in you, it’s really good to listen to the album without the song titles showing and then realising what certain tracks are from which games. You get that warm feeling when you hear that familiar tune without watching the title for the track.

You can download the album for free by following this link.

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Welcome back to the Artist Alley, where from week to week, we’ll be highlighting an piece of musical or artistic flair that you may have missed, or be unaware of. Hit the jump to see today’s piece.

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I’m a great fan of Feniiku’s work, so much so, that I went and did a Community Spotlight with her over on Sonic Wrecks.

For those of you, who don’t check out her not one, but two fantastic galleries, then you may have missed these two stunning pieces done back in the day. Which you can check out, after the jump.

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I bring you another Song/Video on today’s Artist Alley. Hit the jump to see it!

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Greetings! Another entry for the Artist Alley this week, and this time it’s based on the UK’s Sonic the Comic character version of Super Sonic. Hit the jump to see it!

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This week on the Artist Alley, we’ll be showing a musical piece. An extended remix of sorts. Hit the jump to see it!

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Aloha. Long time, no post from me, but I’m back, and bringing with me a new focus for Emerald Coast.

The Artist Alley will be focussing on some of those pieces of fan art and musical genius, that unless you look for it, you’ll very rarely see it.

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Well it’s the start of a new year what better time is there to have a quick look back at the past year and see what’s to look forward to in 2012?

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Just a quick message to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at Emerald Coast.

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Hey guys it’s been a little quiet round here of late from me, I’m looking to get back to work on the site a bit more hopefully soon, anyway in the meantime let me tell you lot about something coming up in London next weekend.

The first London Gaming Con takes place next weekend (3rd – 4th December) and it promises to be an event to remember, not just for gaming fans but Sonic fans especially. With bands, parties and guests in addition to tournaments galore there will be plenty to do.

What’s even better is on the Sunday it’s party time for Sonic as his 20th birthday is celebrated until the early hours of the morning, including the highlights:

– Sonic Blindfolded (All day)
– The Team Sonic v Mario Showdown! (Afternoon)
– Sonic v Mario Cosplay Contest! (Afternoon)
– Sonic Pub Quiz (Afternoon)
– Zonic Live-Singing (Afternoon)
– Sonic Evening Party with SonicStadium (7pm to 10pm)
– Club SEGA Party bought to you by RadioSEGA (10pm to midnight)
– Sonic Generations Speed-Run Contests (All day)
– Sonic 2 MD Speed-Run Contest (All day)
– Possible Sonic-Screenings (Fingers crossed!)
– More to come as we get it confirmed. Stay tuned!

So yeah looks like a pretty good set-up, if you can get yourself to London I’d say it’s worth going to, click here for more information.


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