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My tablet pen broke as it heroically jumped in the way of an 18 Wheeler attempting to crush a butterfly.

Tragically neither of them made it.
Warnings. WORDS. 😀


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First and foremost, my personal opinion does not mean everyone on this site, or its affiliates share it.
But after hearing people weigh in on the whole Sonic BOOM and seeing people either praising or demanding heads on a stick; I decided it was time to pass on a fair warning to the publisher who has found themselves in the steely gaze of the Sonic Community.
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With the combination of my job (19 days before I get 2 off) and my video game addiction (Final Fantasy then Assassins Creed 3-4 then Batman Origins then Secret World then Ghost Recon Phantoms then alskdffg4345 *overdoses* .w. ) and THEN writing in my SECOND book, I have been slacking off hardcore with the comic and I r sorry.

However I r doing things again.  I am trying to build up steam and get things moving as you can see here.


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What is this you ask?  Why have I been distracted as of late?  Why have I been skipping out of Comics, not bothering to put together promised archs or completing things on time?  I mostly blame video games in general.  However;

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So I may have just got a little bit bored again and decided to do another one of these, I’m actually thinknig of turning this into a weekly update thing who knows?

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Ever wanted a site to find out UK gaming events, well HelenBaby has set up a site with the idea of compiling a comprehensive list of UK gaming events, and it seems to have quiet a bit there. It’s worth a look, find it here.

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In short;

The tablet I draw on is encountering errors on the laptop when I plug it in.  So its either my tablet or my laptop; both are too expensive for me to replace with the fact that my finances are in the toilet.  Don’t worry about me folks, I’m not starving and my ‘house’ has wheels. 🙂

I am working on TWO Projects with Jerry.  One includes the entire EC Staff in the Comic Arch I am calling “Basements and Critters,” a Dungeon and Dragons SLASH Warhammer Fantasy Parody wherein the very talented writer TheRandomGenius has inspired the arch with his awesome fanfiction wherein Vger and Urth find themselves in Yu-Gi-Oh’s Universe.

The other is a Fan Fiction Story called MARS4.  A Fanfiction because it is set in Sonic’s World; right after the ‘Civil War’ and the Kingdom of Acorn became a Republic…but has absolutely NOTHING to do with Sonic the Hedgehog; or any of the Franchise Characters.

Also; Classic AF Strips


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Well SAGE has been and gone for this year… wait what the heck is SAGE? SAGE for the for those that don’t know is the Sonic Amateur Gaming Expo where fans show off there fan game creations (or a book keeping software, don’t ask how I know that). Most of the time these expos can consist of some truly innovative and entertaining ideas for games to some awful pieces of s**t that should never see the light of day, ( I’m afraid the latter is true more than the former). Anyway I’m getting side tracked (that may be Port related) SEGA Driven esteemed collogue in the Sonic community and affiliate of Emerald Coast has put together a video showing off some of the best of this years SAGE so watch it… NOW!

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Well it’s the last community spotlight for Season 1 from Titanscreed, and once again it’s a chat with some of the people that work behind the scenes at SoS this time we take a look at what the future may hold.

Well that rounds that up, hope to see lot’s of people at Summer of Sonic very soon!

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Another day and we have part 2 of the Summer of Sonic community spotlight, this time Titanscreed asks about the guests and events that have happened around SoS.

Third and final part coming to you very soon.

Oh and a happy Independence day to our American cousins.


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