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Sonic Generations Logo

The teaser trailer left the fans hungering for more info and today it’s been revealed that the trailer was for the brand new Sonic game Sonic Generations, the title rumoured throughout the fanbase over the last few months. SEGA officially announced the title on their blog today, along with a snazzy logo. Below is a new trailer featuring gameplay snippets… Full credit to IGN for this!

Are you excited? We sure are… Well, all except Urth.

Further details, thoughts on the franchiseĀ and screenshots of the new gameĀ can be found over at IGN – Thanks for the link, TRiPPY!

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Unless you live under a rock (and hey, as a geologist I quite like that idea), you’ve no doubt heard that SEGA planned to release a Sonic related trailer today. I think we were all half expecting a game announcement/confirmation, but who saw THIS coming?

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Okay I’m a bit late in bringing this up but there’s still plenty of time left. Sonic Relief as you should all know by now is a Sonic fan run fund raiser in aid of comic relief which helps children in Africa a worthy cause. Well it’s probably best that I let Doctor MK explain from the SSMB explain in his own words.

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Today marked a rather sad day for British gaming. British gaming studio Bizarre Creations have closed down. Known for a lrage libary of quality games, including the Project Gotham Racing series, Geometry Wars and of course the SEGA title The Club, it is a shame that these games in most cases did not sell as well as they deserved. While I can’t say the studio was particularly dear to… whatever I have in place of a heart, they will be remembered, and it is a shame for us to loss one of the decent developers in the UK. Sadly it is only one duff game that can cause them to go, and Blur was sadly that game for them.
While their new 007 game has come out with music from one of our favourite composers, Richard Jacques, they leave us with one last thing, this video.

RIP Bizarre Creations, may your games lvie on in the minds of gamers for years to come.

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It seems that Archie is trying something new with Sonic for the upcoming 225th issue of Sonic the Hedgehog revealing via IGN an alternate cover (a fairly common practice in the comic industry to try and get fans to waste more money).

The interesting thing is it depicts and dead arm on the floor, who’s arm could it be? Will one of the cast be kicking the bucket? Let the wild speculation commence! (in the comments section) (continue reading…)

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Have you ever wondered what would would happen if you said Bewbs to kinect? No? Well why not find out? Watch this video…

In a bitter twist of irony it doesn’t take you to the one character that automatically springs to mind.

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Err yeah still no 300 yet I should have it sorted by next week though… I hope… I really do hope. To be fair though I have a really good excuse this week, as I spent my weekend at Bird con York where much train spotting, ghost walking, drinking and singing was done, in fact I have evidence of that last one which should distract you guys for the next week.

Because what better Sonic drinking song is there than He’s got a Wrench?

And now I’ll never be allowed back in York.

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Well launch day for Sonic Colours has finally rolled around and so far I have to say the game is awesome, so much so that even Urtheart likes it never mind completed… stupid job taking all my time… anyway to celebrate SEGA Europe has put up a snazzy trailer, have a watch below.

On a side note, I’m really out of shape.

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Right I’ve not updated here recently, sorry about that I seem to busy a lot at the moment, currently it’s setting up a new computer that isn’t old and slow and has a graphics card so I can finally play TF2 how it’s meant to be played… hmm I sense my updates remaining infrequent. Then of course there’s the big Sonic game releases… three in fact this week! We have already had Sonic Free Riders for the Kinect yesterday and then we have Sonic Colours for the Wii and DS tomorrow, which brings me round nicely to today’s little update showing off the latest trailers for said games.

First up we have Sonic Free Riders UK launch trailer.

And to follow hows about a little Sonic Colours DS? (continue reading…)

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I think someone needs to run a virus check on Omega…

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