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Another trailer has surfaced from SEGA’s new best Chums IGN, featuring three stages from Sonic’s recent history, including Rooftop Run (amazing) Planet Wisp (another good choice) and Crisis City. Wait Crisis city from Sonic 06… oh god no… the memories are coming back… somebody get me some valium!

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Today we get to see a trailer for the era that brought me back to Sonic and quiet frankly is still the best console ever the Dreamcast! Oh and Sonic Heros is also thrown in there, cause that was around the same time, and I’m sure was originally intended for the dreamcast.

Oh god, the nostalgia I’m drowning in it!

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Once again the Unskippable guys are back to make fun of a Sonic introduction sequence, this time it’s the Black Knight, plenty of material there.

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As some of you may know the Tokyo Game Show has just finished up, and SEGA being SEGA had a live performance from Jun Senoue. Now Jun has just posted up this amazing music video showing off three melody’s from the Sonic Generations, including Chemical Plant, Seaside Hill and Rooftop Run.

Plus in the background we get a better look at some of the levels from Generations. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to drool at this a couple more times.

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Want another trailer for Sonic Generations, well SEGA obliges and I post. This one shows off three classic levels remade for the modern era.

Looking very snazzy.

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A brand new Sonic Generations trailer just went out, showing off a few more levels that you may remember from his 20 years, and shows off some nice cameos as well, can you spot them?

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Those guys over at the Escapist have been busy and have produced another Sonic Unskippable video, this time of Sonic 06… oh god this can’t end well.

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So out and about on my travels after Summer of Sonic I came across something interesting at at the gaming centre in the Trocadero. It seems that the Sonic Generations demo has been setup… with a steering wheel and pedal set…

Maybe it’s an early test by SEGA of alternate forms of control for Sonic… the steering wheel actually makes a bit of sense if you consider that they are designed to control fast moving object and Sonic does fall into the category. Maybe the pedals are the jump controls?

Or it could be that the controls are not connected and someone was just being industrious and making use of an un-used screen but that’s far less entertaining!

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Last week it was announced that if you pre-ordered Sonic Generations at Gamestop stores you would also get an exclusive DLC pack. As usual this offer was US only so the rest of the unclean none American Sonic fans were left wondering whether we would get a similar offer. Well it seems that question has now been answered, in the UK at least.

In my local Game store today I noticed several boxes promoting free DLC if you pre-order and purchase Sonic Generations, see picture below.

Whether this is the same DLC pack as the one Gamestop has remains to be seen but it seems likely considering the artwork in the background, but the real question is, will this turn out to be a repeat of last years Argos fiasco offering a free Sonic Colours figure with every pre-order and then going back on it… hmm I’m getting cynical in my old age.

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Wow two trailers in quick succession, well I guess it is E3. Anyway, here it is, courtesy of Sonic Wrecks.


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